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Math-A-Millions Math-A-Millions

Rated 1 / 5 stars

It could've be ok-ish....

I'm playing as I review, so please bear with me.

$1000 Q is wrong. 1 is a squared number. 1 squared is 1. Also, 2x2 isn't as good of a response, considering it's not simplified.

$2000 Q is also wrong. Not all real numbers are integers. Real numbers includes rational and irrational numbers, and even those can be split down farther.

I know I'm splitting hairs with the $4000 Q, but it's also wrong. 3.14 is not Pi. You cannot put the exact value of Pi in here, because it never ends. For an answer to that, you could use "The relation between the circumfirence and diameter of a circle" but 3.14 is not Pi.

Now for $32000. Once again, I'm splitting hairs, but I'm a math nerd...I'm allowed to. lol. X is not the definition of a variable. If you word the question as "What is a variable?" you're asking for a definition. Use "Which" not "What" and this would be correct.

$64000 question is right, but a little redundant.

$125000 is bugged, so you cannot pick the correct answer, 1. When I picked an incorrect answer for that, I started off at $16000, which isn't true to the "Who Wants to be a Millionare" rules.

I finally found that you selected the answer for $125000 to be 3. WTF? The degree is the highest exponent in the expression. Everything in -2m+m-1 is to the first power, unless you're pulling some fancy math I don't

nice job on $250000. A little tricky for ppl who can't do Algebra. The audio for that Q said -2+m-1, not -2m+m-1, though.

I thought there was a problem on $500000 when I saw that 2 answers were correct, but you made both progress you to the next Q, so gj.

When you get the $1000000 Q wrong, you don't go back to the checkpoint. You start the entire flash over.

Alright. Please don't yell at me for the small errors I discuss. I'm a math nerd. lol.

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