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Moonlight Sonata (Remix.) Moonlight Sonata (Remix.)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Quite good!

At the time of my review, the current score is 0. I hope to change that! :)

I love those cracks of thunder and pattering of rain. It really helps my imagery. I also like the fact that you used strings instead of the piano.

My only big complaint is the length. This is WAY too short.

Good job! Keep on making music, ya?

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_-=[The Maestro's Requiem]=-_ _-=[The Maestro's Requiem]=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Let me first say that the song is amazing, like all of yours. I don't need to discuss your song, because there's nothing to change (except maybe that the ending is a little abrupt).

First Milkman Dan now you? God, no! Who's next? Winterwind? *knocks on wood* Oh well...I stopped submitting to NG without telling anyone...not like anyone cared about me. lol. Now I just write stuff for friends and family...and it's somewhat decent, too, considering I use FL now. But that's all beside the point...

You have helped me a lot, Maestro. You brought me from absolute crap to almost as good as you...I think (lol). Thanks to you, my gf doesn't yell at me about doing "romantic" stuff for her as much. lol. I hope you can tell me where you're going next. I know you mentioned to me that you may be going to if you are, I need to know your name to look you up on garageband. You are among the elite of Newgrounds. I hope that your love of music can take you everywhere you want in life. Never give up on music!

MaestroSorrow responds:

Thank you Harddrive, you have indeed excelled in several fields in composition, I am glad you took the steps though. No matter how much I say, it is utlimately up to you to determine how far you go. I know with time, you could easily bypass me. Keep up the good fight Harddrive, i'm afraid my name dies here, i'll drop by your page and tell you the details sometime. Thanks for your review, and sorry for uber delayed response.

Winning The War Winning The War

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Job as always!

WTF! I saw in another review responce that you're leaving. NO LEAVING FOR YOU! lol. You have a great talent, and I want you to stay on NG so I can get that talent in mp3 form for free! lol. Seriously. Stay! lol.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Haha... friend... I'm moving on. These are not empty words. My life shall soon be drastically changing. And with it... my music shall suffer. What work I do compose, will be very well thought out, but it will take me alot longer to compose music now. Meaning I don't have a steady flow of people looking at my work. I'll eventually sink to the bottom of the charts and well... it's just time my friend to leave my legacy.

Don't worry... one last piece will come your way. I dunno wanna spoil anything... but... it will be... the sum of my works.

Thankyou for all the reviews... I read and charrish them all.

Me Time on Sunday Me Time on Sunday

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Job!

I love this song! By far your best jazz song on NG. You really outdid yourself this time!

5/5! Definitly!

Gwave responds:


_-=[United Front]=-_ _-=[United Front]=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love this! I love that distortion at the end! I already took out my shield and blade, so no need to tell me. :-D

MaestroSorrow responds:

you have a shield and blade out before anybody tells you?

I am truly impressed.

Thanks for the review ^^

The Final Movement The Final Movement

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yet another....! (in a good

Wow! I love this! Like the previous reviewer said, it's amazing what you keep pulling outa that keyboard. My iPod just got another 3.6 mB stuffed into it :)!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Sweet... I gotta get this on my ipod too... Glad you liked it :)... good to see ur still keeping an eye out for my music.

Gerudo Valley Metal Gerudo Valley Metal

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Freaking amazing. Earned my download by far.

Four Seasons of Adventure Four Seasons of Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm amazed

I have downloaded all your songs now. lol. They're all on my iPod. This is really good. I don't really have much to say about something so good. Until I am of your caliber, I can't complain about your music (I hope to consider myself somewhat close soon, cuz I'm writing a "symphony" be done in a few

MilkMan-Dan responds:

ooo a Symphony... I can't wait... please do hurry. And don't worry... all it takes to be in league with me is a lil passion... I'm nothin special... I just like wut I do. Good luck mate :)

Ode To Angels Ode To Angels

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You have no idea how glad I am that you made more music after this. I literally owe my life to you and your music, as I said in my lecture/review for This Is Freedom. I'm not typing all that out again, so if you see this before the review for This Is Freedom, read that one.

This is Freedom This is Freedom

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely Amazing

I was, again, brought to tears with this. Your music is amazing.

The fact that you said in a reply to a previous review of mine that you're joining the army nearly brought to my eyes. Here begins my lecture:

I don't care if it's the Canadian army! Dude! What the HELL are you thinking! Whatever God you believe in has given you a gift! An amazing gift! And you plan on wasting it in the military! Are you flippin' CRAZY!? You could freakin DIE! What a waste of talent that is! In the Bible somewhere, it says that your talents are God's gift to you; your gift to God is using them. If you enjoy making music, as I'm sure you do, make this a career! I'm sure you don't have a passion for killing other human beings! You said "Thats where I can make a difference in my lives and others..." You can make a difference bigger than you can imagine with music. Music changes lives in unseen, unimaginable ways. A while ago when I had family and girlfriend problems, I was depressed and contemplating suicide. Ya, ya...don't laugh at me. I listened to Ode To Angels (among others) and was inspired to give myself a second chance. You already saved a life with music and you haven't even started a career yet. Please...don't waste all your talent in the military. I know it's your decision and your life, and this probly won't mean a thing to you...but I'm just trying to repay you for what you unknowingly did for me. Even if you don't make a career out of this...please have a safe career...keep this as a hobby.

Thanks for reading all that. Sorry that was more lecture than review.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Dear Sir,

I read this review a long time ago... and tonight I believe I shall answer it. You are right. God has given me a lovely gift. This gift is not my skill... but my passion. Without it... my work would be meaningless. You must understand that I never want to make money off my music, because that would simply prioritize the very thing that takes me away from my priorities and daily life.

As for the army... my friend... you must also understand that in order to achieve a good education... I need a plan. The army will pay my schooling... it will give me discipline and one hell of a resume. Bare in mind... I'm joining the air force... not the army as such. It's an entirely different field. I have one chance to make a shot in life... and for that one chance... I'll risk my very life. Someday you will too have to make choices like this.

Life is precious mate... make the best of what you can. I'm glad my music has helped u... and hopefully will continue to help you. I know that love is the most painful thing on earth to lose and family is the staple on which we rely. But your life is short and there is much left to discover... give it a try.

I hope that answers some questions... if not... feel free to email me.